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IWC, A. Lange and Panerai Boutiques Open in Chicago

A Drug Dealer's Daytona and Other Watches for Sale

Your Next Watch Is Designed By: Data?

Swatch Struggles; Scarcity as Strategy

Omega, Moon Landings and Consumerism

Skywalker and Red Submariners: Watches of Knightsbridge Auction

Antiquorum & A. Lange Preview

John Mayer's Vintage Rolex Picks

Christie's Online Auction, DJ Khaled and Mickey Mouse

Internet Trends, Omega, and the Future of Watches

Cartier, Kanye, and a Louis Vuitton Pop UP in Chicago

Burnin' Out His Fuse Up Here Alone

Movado François Borgel 95M Chronographs

Richemont and Where Are the Vintage Watch Startups?

Switzerland's Second Oldest Watch Brand

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Shinola and What It Means to Be Made in USA

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