Small Dive Watches, John Mayer, and vintage Movado

The best of Rescapement so far this year

No real newsletter from Rescapement this week; I’m on vacation in Norway and the UK. We’ll be back and better than ever on Labor Day. But, I didn’t want to leave the faithful readers completely hanging, so here are the five most popular articles from Rescapement so far in 2019.

1. The Best Dive Watches for Small Wrists in 2019

I love dive watches; I am also cursed with small wrists (6.5 to 6.75 inches depending on the day). These are two things that aren’t supposed to work together. Fortunately, the rising popularity in vintage watches has meant a boom in smaller modern watches, perfect for my diminutive circumference. As such, there are more dive watch options than ever for the modestly wristed. Here, we look at some of the best.

2. All of John Mayer's Watches from Talking Watches: How Much Are They Worth?

Sure, this one was too easy, even a little click-baity. I remember the day John Mayer’s ‘Talking Watches 2’ video came out — I banged this piece out at work so quick, and it makes me fall in love with watches (and fuck it, John too) every time I re-watch it. How much his watches are worth is totally beside the point, put it’s fun to look at the numbers anyway.

3. Five Great Watches with ETA 2824 Movements

Fuck me for using the cliche “workhorse movement” in the first sentence of this article, but hey. But hey, the ETA 2824 has done so much for watch brands: from Swatch Group all the way down to the micro-ist of micro brands, and that’s something worth celebrating, cliches and all.

4. Comparing the Tudor Black Bay 36 and Black Bay 58

I don’t do a ton of watch reviews, but the popularity and response to this piece shows that perhaps I should. The Tudor Black Bay 58 is one of the most popular under $4,000 watches, and the Black Bay 36 is just one of my favorites, so I put the two head to head, going in-depth on every element of the watch. The winner? Click to find out.

5. For Your Reference: The Movado FB 95M

Finally, one I didn’t right (and thus, probably my favorite on this list: Rich Fordon’s deep dive on the Movado FB 95M. He goes deep on the legendary Movado chronogrpah, particularly those housed in Fraçois Brogel cases, the same manufacturer that made water-resistant cases for Patek Phillipe during this era.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll be back with a regular edition of Rescapement next week.


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