An Introduction to Vintage Grand Seiko + Baselworld Recap

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A Brief Introduction to Vintage Grand Seiko

Why should you care about Grand Seiko? I’ll give you two pretty good reasons: first, its modern watches remain some of the most affordable options out there while still being beloved by watch enthusiasts; second, vintage Grand Seiko remains one of the last undervalued brands in vintage watches (in the West at least), as the vintage watch boom has meant skyrocketing prices for almost all Swiss brands.

Grand Seiko wasn’t even launched internationally until 2010; before that, it was a little cult brand that had slowly leaked its way out of Japan. Up until 2017, Grand Seiko had always been a sub-brand of Seiko, the Japanese conglomerate. Design-wise, this meant the Seiko name and logo at 12 o’clock and the Grand Seiko moniker at 6 o’clock. Reputation-wise, this meant even the most intricately finished of Grand Seikos could still be dismissed as “just a Seiko.”

Read the rest of our brief introduction to vintage Grand Seiko: the Grand Seiko First, the King Seiko, the Grand Seiko 57S, and Seiko’s “Grammar of Design.” Part 2 coming soon.

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The Best of Baselworld 2019

First, a reminder not to get caught up in the Baselworld hype. Most of these watches don’t matter and will be quickly forgotten. That said: Tudor sucked, Rolex was meh, Patek killed it like always, and Seiko and Grand Seiko came strong:

Business News

The state of the watch is strong. At Baselworld, Swiss watchmakers said they continue to expect growth, and aren’t concerned about slowing Chinese demand. Meanwhile, Swiss watch exports grew 3.4% in February.

Swatch is suing Samsung over its smartwatch faces. Swatch Group has filed a complaint against Samsung Electronics, saying the company infringed on Swatch’s trademarks for various watch designs. A number of Swatch Group subsidiaries, including Blancpain, Breguet, Jaquet Droz, Omega, Tissot are named as plaintiffs in the suit. More here (and the damning pictures).

Universal Geneve is making a comeback. A few recent developments continue to point towards a rebirth of the Universal Geneve brand: (1) Universal Geneve’s website,, is now fully functional. It only features a history of the brand and a “contact us” form, but it’s definitely something. Universal Geneve has also filed for a handful of trademarks in the U.S. More here.

Watches are the new Bitcoin. Or at least according to the New York Times.

Would you buy a luxury watch online? WSJ ask a question they think provocative, but for many enthusiasts, the answer is a simple shrug and an “of course.”

Are you following our March Madness, watches style? Some great Elite 8 matchups coming up (e.g. Datograph or Patek Ref. 5270?).

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Ticks & Tocks

Luxury product authentication is one of the most in-demand skills right now (the article focuses on handbag, shoe, and streetwear authenticators, but this applies even more so in the watch industry, where fakes and franken watches are everywhere).

How legal fakes around the world are challenging Supreme. Is it possible to make a genderless voice assistance? Human contact is the new luxury good. Your AirPods are dying (or: why mechanical things are better). Esquire goes deep with Samuel L. Jackson. The history of the Nike Air. I wish black dress shirts weren’t wack. Jupiter is stormy. Warner Music signed an algorithm to a record deal. GQ on the new rules of biz casual.

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