Movado François Borgel 95M Chronographs

Our first guest post, and it's a banger

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For Your Reference: The Movado François Borgel 95M

Our feature this week comes from guest author Rich Fordon. It’s an amazingly in-depth study of Movado 95M chronographs, particularly those housed in François Borgel manufactured, water-resistant, 35.5mm cases. Much of the article derives from a library of examples, compiled thanks to many collectors and sales across the web (But mostly, Rich’s painstaking research). Due to Rich’s extensive research, he arrives at a number of independent conclusions about production run periods, production numbers, and more.

Movado, in a previous era, offered a catalog more on par with Longines and Universal Genéve, than Michael Kors and Hugo Boss. The brand boasted a horological pedigree dating back to 1881 with innovations such as the ingeniously curved calibre Polyplan, and over six decades of in-house movements. Mid-century Movados are remarkable watches, none more the case than François Borgel 95M’s.

Most notably encasing Patek Philippe's reference 1463, Swiss casemaker François Borgel distributed their products to a few Swiss brands. Borgel led the charge throughout the first half of the 20th century when it came to designing, building, and distributing water-resistant cases. The first Movado and FB collaboration wristwatch came in 1935, per Fritz von Osterhausen's The Movado History, and by 1939 the brands were producing a 90M very similar to Patek's renowned 1463. Meanwhile, in 1939, Movado introduced the 95M, a new three-register version chronograph movement.

While FB and Movado offered a waterproof two register in 1939, the first hard evidence of a FB case 95M comes from a catalog from 1946. Though Movado produced three reference number generations of the 95M, each distinct in varying aspects, consistencies remain throughout the production run. On cases, all 95M FB watches have the similar pump style pushers and patented Borgel decagonal screw down casebacks. The crown is nearly consistent across the range, there is a single design but earlier examples are unsigned and most later examples sport an ‘M’ logo.

Turning attention to dials and hands, unfortunately, produces few uniformities. Unlike the Speedmaster or the Autavia, these FB cases were the entirety of Movado’s sport chronograph offering. Dials and hands are extremely diverse as this calibre and waterproof case were implemented in varying executions to fulfill the demand of all chronograph consumers. A few observations to note— luminous hour/minute hands should be matched with luminous dials and vice versa, chronograph hour and minute subregister hands should directly match each other, and dial designs are generational. Generational meaning that some dials are exclusive or nearly exclusive to generations. For example, an ‘Arrowhead’ dial should only very rarely be seen in a third-generation case and a ‘Panda’ dial should never be seen in a first-generation case.

One significant aspect of Movado chronographs from this period is, of course, ‘kris’ or ‘snake’ sub-register hands. Strikingly dissimilar to any other chronographs, these hands add quite the intrigue; nothing was or is the same.

Rich’s article goes onto dive into the three generations of Movado 95Ms, analyzing the hallmarks of all three.

Movado FB 95Ms were offered from 1946 to 1969 in three generations. Rich’s best guess at a total production number from this run of at least 23 years, estimating and rounding on the high side, is about 14,200. Conducting a similar analysis of the Heuer Carrera, one astute OnTheDash forum user estimated just under 40,000 first execution Carreras were manufactured between 1963 and 1969. Important to note, this 40k refers to all Carreras offered during the period, not just the three-register variant; (no one can offer specific breakdowns by variant).

“Every watch Instagram account can post a 2447n but few share FB 95Ms; maybe because not everyone can get their hands on a great example,” Rich ends. And now, you’ll have a greater appreciate for the next 95M you scroll past.

📚 Read the full article here

By the way, Rich also includes a ton of great reference photos throughout the article, not least of which is his own 95M (case number 5!):

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Sales Corner

Scratch that new Movado itch

Like this week’s Movado feature? It might be time to pick up a mid-century chronograph of your own. Try these ones on for size:

Movado 95M in Steel. Fortuna Auction is hosting an exclusive watches auction through June, and there’s a nice -38 Movado 95M with Arabic numerals in steel.

Tiffany & Co. 14k Movado Chronograph. Don’t like that Movado name on the dial for some reason? Here’s a 14k gold Tiffany chronograph, powered by Movado’s calibre 95M, this week’s featured movement.

Tired of Movado? Here’s a 1970s Seiko Chronograph “Monaco”. I said it last week: something about 70s Seikos is perfectly retro-futuristic.

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