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Many thanks for the Zenith 146 (Martel-UG 285) profile, Tony; couldn't agree more with your assessment, both on form and function. My Cal 156D is among the simplest yet most classic of my collection and certainly my favorite of the pack... an underappreciated piece of horological history to be sure, and more importantly a sheer pleasure to wear.

Cheers, SB

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I stumbled upon this article looking for informations regarding a watch i just purchased.

It’s an Universal Geneve from the ‘90 (weird), reference 885016, but it’s equipped with the Zenith caliber 146H. I was surprised to see it there, first because it’s a manual caliber made in the ‘40 to ‘60, second because it’s code 146 as per Zenith instead of 285!

Do you happen to know this piece and how it’s origin came to be?

Your article is great, by the way!

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