Watch Spotting: MB&F M.A.D. Gallery

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By: Charlie Dunne

It’s difficult to not like MB&F. By all accounts, Max Büsser is a pretty affable individual. Listening to him speak in interviews about the human connection being central to his brand certainly makes you root for the guy. So after witnessing the awe-inspiring St. Pierre Cathedral and turning a corner down Rue Verdaine in Geneva, I was genuinely excited to spot the unmistakable M.A.D. Gallery sign from a hundred yards out. 

Kontwaz Bauhaus 2

Upon approaching the door, I was greeted by a gentleman by the name of Arnaud. After recognizing our accents, he enthusiastically asked my father and me what brought us to Geneva. He quickly learned we were on a watch journey and proceeded to highlight all of the “Friends” on view within the M.A.D. Gallery. One standout kinetic objet d'art was the loudly colored Kontwaz Bauhaus 2 created by Philippe Lebru and Alain Silberstein. Prominently sectioned close to the entrance, it lets you know you’re in for a fun experience.​​

ClockClock 24

It was while making conversation on the recent increase of visitors, and lifts on restrictions that I noticed portions of the wall begin to move out of the corner of my eye. I quickly felt less concern over vivid hallucinations from psychedelic drugs, and realized I was merely catching sight of the ClockClock 24 Black Edition by Humans since 1982

LM101 MB&F x H. Moser & LM101 MB&F x Kari Voutilainen

Witnessing the “engine” of MB&F’s first in-house movement was quite glorious. Turning over a Legacy Machine to catch a glimpse of the brilliant mind of Kari Voutilainen is certainly something one imagines brings a smile to the wearer’s face each time. Arnaud emphasized to really appreciate the contrasting dials of the LM101 MB&F x H. Moser vs. the LM101 MB&F x Kari Voutilainen, it was only appropriate that we step outside.

Legacy Machine Perpetual Evo

The showstopper for me was the new Legacy Machine Perpetual Evo. Born with the intention to be a true sports watch, it is a fantastic new addition to the catalogue. The entire workings fight for your attention while remaining highly legible. Yet the “simple” elements such as the rubber strap or deployant buckle are oddly just as captivating. They created the timepiece to make the user experience of adjusting a complicated timepiece as easy as possible. Coming from the perspective of a vintage enthusiast that loathes the process of changing a non-quickset date window, I applaud the horological heroes behind this initiative. If I were to be forced to leave with only one watch on the wrist, this would likely be the top contender. 

Thinking back to the personal element being integral for his brand, it was quite apparent that this was involved in the company culture. As we walked out of the M.A.D. Gallery, my father stated how the atmosphere, and particularly the staff, had been impressive. So much so, that it was the best experience in a watch retailer he could recall. “I like those MB&F-ers” he said under his breath.

Horological Odds & Ends

Of course, the rest of the M.A.D. Gallery is full of watches and other horological objects. Here are just a few.

All words and photos: Charlie Dunne

Rescapement is a weekly newsletter about watches. For more exclusive content like this, smash the subscribe button to get it in your inbox every weekend: