Watch Auction Calendar for Winter-Spring 2021

Bring down the hammer, starting this weekend

Every season, I put together an auction calendar to track sales from some of the major houses around the world. Of course, last year that calendar ended up an embodiment of that literary banality about the best laid paths of mice and men. Eight days in and an insurrection under its belt already, 2021 seems about as promising as 2020, so TBD if the below schedule again ends up more best laid path than path actually taken. Either way, auction houses have proved resilient, moving sales online and being generally available and communicative virtually.

This list should take us to the first set of flagship auctions from the big watch auctioneers (Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Antiquorum, Phillips), sometime in late spring (judging by Antiquorum’s May 9-10 Geneva sale). Where available, I’ve linked to the auction catalog; as more catalogs become available and auctions are announced, I’ll update this page, so go ahead and bookmark this as your one-stop shop for auctions this winter and spring.

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Jan. 9: Kaplans Watches (Stockholm)

Jan. 19: Artcurial Important Watches (Paris)

Jan. 24: Antiquorum Important Timepieces (Monaco)


Feb. 3: Christie’s Jewels and Watches Online

Feb. 4: Boule Watches Auction (Monte Carlo)

Feb. 4/6: Kaplans Watches (Stockholm)

Feb. 18- Mar. 4: Sotheby’s Important Watches (Hong Kong)

Feb. 15: Fellows Luxury Watch Sale (London)

Feb. 23: Bonham’s Watches and Wristwatches (London)


March 3: Antiquorum Important Timepieces (Hong Kong)

Mar. 25: Heritage Auctions Timepieces Online

Mar. 30 - Apr 9: Christie’s Watches Online: Dubai Edit


Apr. 7: Sotheby’s Important Watches (Hong Kong)

Apr. 17: Monaco Legends Exclusive Timepieces (Monaco)

Apr. 20: Bukowski’s Important Timepieces (Stockholm)

Apr. 24: Antiquorum Important Timepieces (Hong Kong)

TBD: Watches of Knightsbridge Auction (London)


May 9-10: Antiquorum Important Timepieces (Geneva)

May 18: Bonham’s Watches and Wristwatches (London)

May 22: Dr. Crott Auctioneers 104th Auction (Mannheim)


June 1: Heritage Auctions Timepieces Signature Auction (Dallas)

Regular ongoing sales: Sotheby’s Watches Weekly; Watches of Knightsbridge Monthly Auctions

Note: I included only watch-specific auctions (e.g. not jewelry sales). List not meant to be exhaustive — use Invaluable or some other aggregator for that. I will also add Fortuna, Tajan, Skinner and Stockholms Auktionsverk as they schedule sales. List not an endorsement of any houses or lots offered; caveat emptor and all that. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to read more.


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