Podcast: A Conversation with Enicar Expert Martijn van der Ven


The first auditory effort from Rescapement. The goal here is not to launch a full-on, regular podcast, but to bring interesting conversations that add more dimension to the newsletter when possible. I hope you enjoy this conversation between Michael and Martijn — let us know if you have feedback or ideas for future conversations.

By Michael (@ctwatchguy)

Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with Martijn van der Ven (@vandervenus). Martijn is an Enicar collector, expert, and historian; author of Time for a Change: Discovering Vintage Enicar; and someone that I am honored to call a good friend. He is widely regarded as the world’s leading source on all things Enicar and incredibly passionate about the brand, and its unique story. I recorded the conversation and wanted to share it with our readers. Listen to hear more about Martijn’s personal story, his favorite Enicar pieces, how he came to acquire one particular Enicar watch that may have been owned by deceased Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, his book, and much more!


Pictures and links from the conversation

Enicar Sherpa Star (Martijn’s first “Eni-curious” pick)

Credit: Watch Steez

Enicar Sherpa Electric (Martijn’s second “Eni-curious” pick)

Sherpa electric watch Enicar

Credit: Enicar.org

Enicar Sherpa Star Diver (Martijn’s third “Eni-curious” pick)

Enicar Vintage Star Diver Day Date Ref- 147-05-02 Stainless Steel Bj-1972

Credit: Bachmann & Scher

Enicar Healthways Diver (Martijn’s honorable mention “Eni-curious” pick)

Credit: MyWatchMart

Enicar Jet Graph (Gaddafi’s watch…maybe 😉)

Credit: Martijn van der Ven

Enicar Super Graph (one of Martijn’s “grail” Enicars)

Credit: Enicar101.com

White Dial Ultra Dive (one of Martijn’s “grail” Enicars)

Credit: MattS

1950s Chronometer (one of Martijn’s “grail” Enicars)

Credit: Artomatique

Sherpa World Time “Kaleidoscope” (Martijn’s “can only keep one watch” pick)

Exploring the Enicar Sherpa World Time 'Kaleidoscope' | Time for a Change

Credit: Enicar.org


Martijn’s website: Enicar.org

Buy Martijn’s book on Enicar.org

Martijn’s Instagram (@vandervenus)

“Joy of Collecting Vintage Enicar” WatchUSeek thread


SherpaWatches.com (more to come…stay tuned!)

New vintage Enicar website: vintageenicar.com

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